STEMFest 2015

My name is Carla Cooper.  I teach high school sciences in the amazing rural community of Lumsden!  I am a passionate science teacher who has been afforded many opportunities in my short career.  I am one of the Health Science 20 curriculum writers and was fortunate enough to work alongside inspirational colleagues and mentors. In addition to creating a brand new curriculum, I have had the opportunity to help write the Health Science 21 and Environmental Science 21 curriculums along with being part of the high school science curricula Implementation Team for the Ministry of Education.  I have also done some work with departmental examinations as a reference committee member.

I have the honour of being the president of the Saskatchewan Science Teacher’s Society!  This is a position which I am dedicated to as I believe that science is the subject that has the ability to stitch all others together.

I am passionate about STEM/STEAM!  As a result, I have attended many Canada Wide Science Fairs across our amazing country in the roles as delegate, future host and host committee.  I was chair of Special Events for the 2017 Canada Wide Science Fair, hosted at the U of R in Regina.

Recently, I have had the honour of being presented with the Prime Ministers Award for Teaching Excellence in STEM, 2018.  This has been a truly humbling experience that has afforded me many opportunities to speak to the public about my passion, teaching and getting students back into the sandbox.

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