You Are Here!

You are here!  Like a Google Map – my course prototype is finally complete for this course.  I say it is complete, but is it really ever complete? I know that I am a lifelong learner, and that I am never done learning or changing.  This is true of my course prototype – I designed this to be used in a current class. While I am fully aware that once I have officially submitted this assignment, I will want to change it as I stumble upon a new/better form of technology to introduce within my module, something that will allow for a better learning experience for my students.

Just like Logan posted, there have been a vast amount of emotions that I have gone through while designing this course module.  I have felt empowered and defeated all at once as I have my students providing continuous feedback – this may be unique to some of my classmates whom have not had this opportunity.  But what I have learned is that with the feeling of temporarily defeat I was able to produce a much better product.  Will this product be to the same quality level of someone with the video editing skills of Andres?  No – but that is okay, my course is designed for what my current need is at this time.

While this course has flown by – it feels like we were just introduced to the idea of creating a course module.  One thing is for sure, I AM EXHAUSTED.


I did not take into account how time consuming creating a blended/online course would be. I am much quicker at creating quality content now than I was in the beginning of the course, maybe because I am comfortable with the platform and the tools that I have used. I have developed a great appreciation for tools such as Screencastify, Smore and  MySimpleShow as they have allowed me (a not so creative person) to add creativity to my course. Although I own a Macbook Air (not a paid endorsement, lol!) – I really have not played that much with iMovie – not because I do not want to, I honestly feel that I do not have the time right now as I feel that once I begin playing around, I will loose track of time! 

I finally understand how my students feel when I come into class saying – “hey I learned something new in class last night and thought we would try it”.  Sometimes it can literally be information overload!  But for now, I feel satisfied with what I have completed (for the time being).



9 thoughts on “You Are Here!”

  1. Great post! I totally agree with you around the question of “ever really being done?” I think that that there is always something new and exciting and ways that we can improve our content for students and for ourselves. I do wonder what this could look like for students. Is it the like the class assessment that we fill out for university classes or is it left to the teacher to simply decide what worked for students and what didn’t?

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  2. I completely agree with you and Megan when it comes to “ever really being done”. There are always things I can change and modify, so I don’t think I can ever really be done – which is why I am grateful that we have a timeline and we HAVE to complete it by Tuesday, no matter what! I also agree with you that I am much faster at creating content than I was before. My first video required seriously planning and development, whereas my last ones were done much quicker using tools like Screen-cast-o-matic (which is quickly becoming my get out of jail free card to doing things that I just don’t know how to do on certain softwares). Thanks for sharing a great post!


  3. Carla, I’m exhausted too! I think it is so great that you actually got to use your LMS with your students. It was such an ingenious way of solving your problem of having to run two classes at the same time. I remember you worrying about what you were going to do on the first day of class. Way to put your learning to work!

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  4. I feel as teachers our work is never done. There is always room for improvement and changes, but we need to start somewhere. I’m sure your course is a great start and although it feels like you’re far from being done it’s important to remember that it will be a ongoing process.

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  6. Learning is never done- so why would the prototype? That’s great that you were able to have your kids helping you as you went. For me that was something that was a bit of a struggle. I co-create to a degree a lot when planning. Where there is an ability to go in a couple directions I like to give them a choice. We also tend to co-create the bulk of their assessment, even deciding whether or not something is going to be formally assessed. Planning this way- in my case- without having a class to consider their personalities made it quite difficult I found. I know that what we created can easily be “switched up” and made unique to different groups. For me this experience was more about my learning to use some of the technology and I feel it was a success. Look forward to seeing your prototype!

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