Going off the Rails

This week, I discovered a new tool to use with my course module.  I tweeted about it this weekend:

I decided to give it a try:



Overall, Mysimpleshow was as easy to use as the website claims it to be, however I felt that it did take longer to edit.  I found that I did not like the text options that it offered, and chose to do my own voice over.  The site does limit you to 300 words per slide, which may be a good thing for our students to have to practice, being concise and getting their point across fast.


I am feeling that this course module is not that hard of an assignment, and for that reason, I feel that I may be falling off the rails in regards to the assignment.  Just like Kara, I feel that I too may be addicted to change, that or I am not afraid to try change in my classroom and for the most part, my student are willing to go along with me on this ride.  Or maybe it is just that I am creating while teaching the course and using it immediately, that I am becoming very comfortable with teaching a blended course?



10 thoughts on “Going off the Rails”

  1. Thanks for this- noticed it on Twitter and was playing with it. Easy enough for a novice like me!
    My thing with the assignment is I feel what I’m creating is not substantial enough.
    Definitely feeling more confident- so nice to be able to learn in an environment where there are so many inspiring teachers such as yourself to learn from!

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  2. Carla – I can’t believe I haven’t ever heard of MySimpleShow! How fantastic. I really like the product that you created using that tool (though, I haven’t had the experience of editing it or having to do a voiceover). I have expressed interest in trying VideoScribe or something like that. From what I know, this is similar (?) to that. Your plans to fully utilize Canvas seem very similar to the plans that Ashley, Andrew and I have. Hopefully, we are all able to use these modules and implement Canvas in other classes, too!

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    1. I found that this was very similar to videoscribe, Nancy, except it is free and videoscirbe is only a 7 day trial and then expensive. I have a feeling that you can do more with videoscribe, which is why it would be free.


  3. Great new tool, Carla. I haven’t ever heard of My Simple Show. Like Nancy said, it seems similar to VideoScribe and PowToon in the way the material is presented. Did you have to upload your own photos or are there photos provided within the program itself? Thanks for being my teacher!

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    1. Natalie – there are “drawings” that you can choose from or you can upload your own! It was very easy, and free (videoscribe is not).


  4. What a great tool Carla and the video you made is really good too. I was also wondering if all those images you used were available within the site or did you need to upload them? I am not thinking this assignment is all that easy. You seem miles ahead of where I’m at. I haven’t ever used an LMS platform before and my blended learning approach has been much more simplified! You and so many other teachers in this class are inspiring me to do more, I just need the time to figure it all out. I feel like I’m drowning a bit returning from maternity leave in the middle of the year and teaching all new classes. Thanks for an introduction to this website.

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    1. Hi Jannae, I did upload some of the photos, and some of them were just screenshots. I am sure you are doing just fine with this project, I have just forced myself to use the tools and create my module as I am teaching the class currently. However, with that being said, I am not too sure I am 100% happy with my modules so far, so will need to decide which one I want to submit and tweak it a bit. 🙂 See you in class tomorrow!


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