Here We Go Again….


Yay!  I am so exited for this class!  This may be the most excited I have been for a class yet because I feel that this class will really set the tone for my future educational goals.  This is my last class before I begin my thesis (which will have a concentration on blended learning – thus the excitement for this class).  It is so nice to see so many familiar faces in this class.  This is the third class that I have taken from Alec & Katia.

Bill Nye #celebrate GIPHY





Bill Nye #celebrate GIPHY

Just like Logan, Robin and Andrew, I am a high school science teacher (Biology, Health Science, Environmental Science AP, Science 10) and I work at Lumsden High School in the Prairie Valley School Division.  I have also had a lot to do with the new science curriculum for Saskatchewan: I wrote the Health Science 20 curriculum, have helped with both the Health Science 21 and Environmental Science 21 curriculums, and am on the secondary science implementation support team (check out Blackboard for new resources).  I am also very involved with science in Saskatchewan and Canada, I am a board member on the SSTS , a chair for the Canada Wide Science Fair 2017 (in Regina this year) and STEAM 2017 (taking place during CWSF).  Needless to say, I am a true science NERD – and very proud to be one!  1811990309

This school year has brought about big changes in my life – I transferred out of administration and back into the science classroom full time (and to a new school) AND both of my sons have moved out of the house and are away at post-secondary schooling – my husband and I are empty nesting! Rhys, our oldest son, is currently finishing the REL program in Prince Albert and hopes to work as a Conservation Officer.  Dayne, our youngest son is in his first year of electrical engineering at U of S.  Although I do miss them, I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t quieter at homeimg_0464_1024

I am a dog lover and currently have three dogs at home – two Border Collies and one mini Dachshund.  Tess will eventually go to live with Rhys full-time once he is done school in April.  Meek and I are currently training to compete in the agility ring!

thumb_img_2085_1024   thumb_img_2076_1024

The goals that I have for myself in this class are:

  1. Continue to practice creating engaging blogs (both for this class and my school blog).
  2. Work on a science 10 module which will aid in my thesis action research project which is focused on opening up science education to all students taught by “masters” in their fields.
  3. Participate in more Twitter chats to connect with other educators with similar teaching pedagogies.

5 thoughts on “Here We Go Again….”

  1. Thanks for sharing your obvious passion for both Science and teaching! Just like Stephanie, I think your students are very lucky to have a teacher that is so passionate about the subjects she teaches – I am sure it is incredibly infectious! I too am a dog lover – your dogs look soo adorable! I know border collies have a lot of energy and are constantly on the go so way to go for keeping up with them. I have heard agility training is great for them to spend that energy – I am not sure if my dogs could handle it. Thanks again for sharing!

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  2. Go science!! I love reading your blogs because my life revolves completely around science and science education, and it’s always great to connect with people who share your passion. I’m nowhere near as involved in the local science community like you are right now, but I would like to be when the right time comes! Until then…let’s change the world! (Bill Nye’s slogan)

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