Another New Beginning…and I am Excited!!!


Today I began my second MOOC!  This time I am participating in a cMOOC, but still continuing on with the xMOOC I had signed up for initially – although I am loosing engagement in it, I am digging my heels in and will continue to see how it goes.  But with what I have been experiencing so far, I agree with the points that Degree Of Freedom makes while correlating the two MOOCs as personal learning networks.

I continued my quest for more information and more exposure to cMOOCs so I decided to look to Twitter for hashtags that would lead me towards these communities.  I found NRCO1PL Google+ community in which they discuss #humanmooc – the human MOOC is a course discussing  humanizing online instruction.  During exploration I discovered two pathways during week thee of this course allows students to decide how they want their PLN to look:

  1. Garden Path – “This pathway is designed to be more like a social, non-structured, self-guided pathway. You will work through creating your own goals and connecting with other learners to think through various assignments. This s a good pathway for more advanced learners or those that prefer more interactive learning experiences”.
  2. Stream Path – “This pathway is designed to be more like the linear, guided knowledge pathway that most of you are used to in a typical online course. You will work through a pre-determined set of videos, content, and assignments. This is a good pathway for new learners or those that prefer more structured, guided learning experiences”.

As an educator who wants to bring MOOCs into the high school arena, I like the idea of hDigital Tech quoteaving two paths to travel and allowing for options for our students as they begin their journey into online learning and at the same time reminding students that technology has been around for  a very long time, it’s just changed it looks as it has evolved.


I am excited to participate in a joint teaching and learning environment, although being facilitated by @thomcochrane via multiple mobile social media platforms such as mosomelt cMOOC G+community.


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