Final Blog Post

This class became my adventure in learning about social media, how to implement it in my pedagogy, the importance of social media in my classrooms and the importance of social media in my own life.   My journey is outlined in a series of steps below:

  1. In order to begin exploring the idea of social media, I knew that I would be taking on a new adventure!
  2. I then began exploring if there were a right way and a wrong way to enjoy social a moment.
  3. I then realized that with great power comes great responsibility.
  4. I began to explore and question the idea of sharing too much via social media – the risks and benefits.  Is there too much that one can share?  Or is this sharing cathartic?  In good grief, I explored the idea of sharing and connecting with others during difficult times.
  5. With a greater sense of what was okay to share via social media, I began to explore the concepts of social profiling and transparency.
  6. FINALLY!!!!  IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!   I have a clear path on my journey, the course really began to click with me and I gained a new trust in myself to use and engage  in social media with a new found purpose.  I realized that social media can be a friend and not foe.
  7. Now that it all makes sense, I began evaluating myself and my pedagogy to see how I can supports students learning at their own instructional levels and create a collaborative space which allows for problem based learning in reinvention of education.
  8. Summary of Learning with Brittany Bandur  

This journey did not happen over night, in fact, it seemed that I was taking quite a bit of time to get to my destination, and although I am comfortable with where I am right now, I do not want to remain stagnant – I want to keep pursuing this journey, dive deeper into the real of social media, therefore I must push myself yet again beyond my current comfort zone, for I feel that there is much, much more to explore.