Up, up and away!!!!

science fair picture 2.JPG

Blogging with my students has been very successful this week.  Almost all of my students have entered a blog and ON TIME!  Woohoo!  I really feel that we are well on our way to successful projects being created.  I have expanded my timeline for science fair, unfortunately this means that science fair will not have happened until after this class ends.

I feel that the success of this week has been from the comments of my classmates as to creating leading questions for the students to answer.  This week, I required all of my students to list their materials and write up their hypothesis in proper scientifically literate expectations.  This was done very well!  I have also dedicated 20 minutes each week to blogging aside from class time to work on their projects.  I think in the start of the semester, I just expected my students to blog on their own, but have realized that they were just as intimidated about the blogging process as I was at the start of this course.  Now that we are all becoming more comfortable with this process, blogging is becoming easier.

I will be asking all students to write up their procedures in their blogs for the next post.    I have also decided to use Carly’s blog as an example for my students to follow – especially for those still a bit intimidated.  Even for those students whom have been very successful with blogging, I will just ask them to keep adding onto their original blog instead of creating a new post, just to see what happens.  I would rather have one long running blog for this project than many short ones.  The idea with this is to create one blog per student per projects, so at the end of their high school experience with me they will be able to go back to their blogs and see all projects (big and small) that they have created.


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