Houston, We Have a Problem…

Well, to say that my class blogging is going well would be an understatement!  Everything started out very well, in fact better than expected!  Until my students began to lose their blogs, poof!  Vanishing into thin air!  What was happening?  This was puzzling and upsetting for our students.

I am working alongside another teacher in our school whom is trying to blog with her students as well.  I decided that it would be best to use the same blog site that she had decided on just to make it easier on our students.  She and I began to notice that our students were losing their blogs, but not too sure why.  So, we began to ask our students to save their blogs into a word document first before hitting the “publish” button – you know, just in case everything was wiped away.  So, this project has hit a tiny bump in the road….  The intent of blogging was to make connecting with my students on their projects easier, a single step process, but not it has become a multi-step process and actually no different than having them type up a word document each week and e-mail it to myself.

Until, the solution to the problem was found!

By Arlindi1999 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately, neither the other teacher nor I, realized that we had only signed up for a trial period on kidblogs – we were both under the impression that it was a free site, similar to wordpress, for school usage.  NOPE!  Once,our trial periods were over (without warning), our students work began to vanish as did our comments to their posts.  Once we both paid for our subscriptions our students blogs began to stay published.  Unfortunately, some posts are gone and will not be found again.  A little bit frustrating, and in retrospect, I am glad that this happened near the start of the blogging process (only one month in), rather than near the end.


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