Slowly but Surely….

Well, I have been having some success with my students blog posts, but only have about half of the class blogging on a regular basis.  I do allow for a lot of time for my students to work on their science fair projects and to blog about them, but not all of the students are doing this.  What I have found is that my top students are blogging and inserting links to resources, I even have some inserting videos successfully!!!!  Yay!!!!  What has surprised me though, is that two of my students whom have DNP’s or IAP’s are actually very good at blogging.  I am unsure if this is because they feel comfortable with the platform of having a computer to help them get their thoughts down and they do not have to worry so much about their spelling (thank goodness for little red lines 🙂 ).  Or that they find it easy to copy and paste a link into their blog to help them get their ideas through to me in a more articulate way than they are able to on their own?

What I am now going to try to do is to implement some of what we are having to do in this course into my own class.  I have put a due date of every Monday at midnight to have at least one more blog post done, with at least one more resource added to their growing lists. My hope for this is that the blogging process is not too overwhelming for my students.

I have now also asked students to reach specific Milestones throughout the course.  For example, I want all students to have their Hypothesis’ chosen and written into a blog post by the end of next week.  This way I feel that I will be able to monitor the quality of the projects that they are producing.  Since this is not the first science fair that my students are participating in, and that I have had quite a few students in the past few years attend Canada Wide Science Fair, my expectations are quite large.  My students are aware the I expect high rigor with this.

I have also added two more classes to my blog and am now having my grade 11’s blog their SDS projects.  Why not jump in with both feet?  Let the learning begin!

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